Building Rental

Building Rental

Please complete and submit the below form to request your building rental. 

If you have questions, please contact our rental coordinator, Zach Rogers at (704)320-4811. 



Basic Meeting Room Rental - $75.00 (up to 4 hours) 

Use of Stove - $10.00

Refundable Cleaning Deposit - $75.00 (may be waived in certain cases) 


Mail or deliver payment to: 

New Salem VFD

6711 Hwy. 218 E.

Marshville, NC 28103


Terms and Conditions For Facility Usage

  • Donation of $ 75.00.
  • Deposit of $ 75.00. A two-check system, the deposit check will be returned when it is verified that building is clean and in good condition. This may be waived under certain circumstances with prior approval.
  • Time - 4 hours typical from setup to completion of cleanup - Additional time available subject to prior approval.
  • Areas to Use - Main room, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Cleaning - Floors, tables, chairs, and countertops should be cleaned in used areas after each use. Floors should be cleaned only with provided neutral cleaners. All tables and chairs should be set back up as they were found.
  • Use of kitchen appliances - No one should use the stove until instructed on proper use and safety. There will be a $ 10.00 additional charge for the usage of the Gas Range.
  • Garbage - All users are responsible for trash collection and disposal after each use.
  • Thermostats - Feel free to adjust the thermostats to a comfortable temperature. Please ensure that the thermostats are set back when time is complete.
  • No Food is to be left on premises.
  • No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed on premises.
  • This is a Tobacco Free Facility.
  • All vehicles will use established parking area.
  • No vehicles are allowed to park in front of or behind the Fire Station.
  • Absolutely, no one is allowed in the Apparatus Bay.
  • Absolutely, no one is allowed on or in any Fire Apparatus.
  • For their own safety, children should not be allowed to play outside the facility.
  • Should you have any questions before or during your rental, please call Zach Rogers at (704)320-4811.
Building Rental



    By completing the request for usage, you agree to the above listed terms and conditions for the usage of the New Salem Fire Department facility. 

    New Salem Volunteer Fire Department, its Board of Directors, Senior Officers, and Firefighters in turn agree to make every attempt to provide a clean and well-maintained facility for your use and enjoyment.




    If someone doesn't contact you within 48 hours, please call our office at (704) 385-9619 or rental coordinator, Zach Rogers at (704)320-4811. 

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